When an emergency repair is needed, customers have to react quickly and call someone who can fix the problem right the first time. Before they make the call, they have to consider:

  • Who has the knowledge and experience to diagnose sewer and water line problems?
  • Who has the equipment to complete the repairs?
  • Who has historically proven to be reliable and trustworthy to complete the work?
  • Who will do it right, the first time?

The answer to those questions … Ed Kelly and Sons.

A Few Examples of Recent Emergency Repairs Successfully Completed

Example 1:  Talmadge and Laskey, Toledo, Ohio

Example #2: Near Fallen Timbers Mall, Maumee, Ohio

A huge sinkhole developed in the roadway in front of the mall.

  • Ed Kelly and Sons was brought in and immediately setup an emergency by-pass and got everything stabilized so service to the customers was not interrupted.
  • We evaluated the various repair options, checked the availability of materials, and developed a repair plan that would work for four different entities.
  • We completed the job in a reasonable time and reduced the interruption or overflow of raw sewage to the Maumee river during the peak walleye fishing run.

  • Four (4) different force mains ran into the same area.
  • A 24” water main feeding western Lucas County ran through the same area.

Solution:Edward Kelly & Sons did some investigate and found: 
  • We coordinated multiple bypasses to keep the sewers working and have no interruption to customers.
  • We had to clean the main sewer line that was a 24” line located 30 feet deep.
  • When cleaning, we discovered that even though it was only 14 years old, it had totally rotted out partially because of the damage the Hydrogen Sulfide did to the metal and pipe.
  • The collapse of the pipe created a void and the sinkhole in the pavement.
  • We replaced the main sewer pipe, cleaned others, and relined the manholes.
  • Maumee and Lucas County, Waterville and Whitehouse were satisfied with the repair.