CCTV Crawler

Video pipe inspection has helped resolve many of the infrastructure problems we find in sewer and water lines. When we install a CCTV crawler into a line, we are able to specifically identify current and potential issues. This allows customers and municipalities create repair plans based on risk and budgets.

Sewers that were installed in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and earlier, are beginning to fall into disrepair. Many joints are beginning to open-up and fail. When they start taking in material (sands, dirt, roots, etc.), this causes sinkholes and other issues. Joint failures causing sinkholes can result in road closures or worse. In a recent project, the failing sewer line created sinkholes beneath a turf covered football field. We repaired 750 ft. of 84” pipe without having to excavate, then they simply lifted the turf, repaired the field, and were able to continue their game schedule.